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Are any of these challenges stopping you from buying a home?

bulletNot Enough Down Payment?
bulletProblems with Credit?
bulletCan't Afford Closing Costs?
bulletPrior Bankruptcy?
bulletRecently Switched Jobs?
bulletTired of Paying Rent?
bulletPrior Collections?

Have you always wanted to own a home, but these challenges held you back from the American Dream? Not any more! Full Circle is dedicated to qualifying individuals who wish to experience the American Dream of owning your own home.

Full Circle Real Estate can help!

We understand that owning a home is about taking "pride" in what you own and that there are many people that have this "pride", but the banks don't exactly see it that way.  We have the solution for you. Qualifying for many of our homes is easy and simple. All we require is minimal cash down and the ability to make your monthly payment on time. Meet these requirements and you may be in your new home in a matter of days. Full Circle believes in making home ownership EASY. 

We help you get into a home with a small down payment and no bank qualifying. You will lease the home for a set short period of time after which you will have the option to own it.

This program is extremely flexible and always puts you and your family first unlike any bank out there.

Reasons to Lease-To-Own:

bulletRent Credits: Possibly the best part of our program, a large portion of your monthly payment is applied towards the purchase of your home allowing you to build equity in your home fast - no more wasting all of your money on rent! 
bulletNo bank hassles
bulletImprove Your Credit: You are creating a strong credit reference with us and bank mortgage companies while you are leasing to own!
bulletImproving Your Property: Any improvements you do that increase the value of the property help you build more equity in your home.
bulletHave the American Dream: You get to enjoy the benefits of owning your own home like great tax deductions, pride of homeownership, and many more!

Many have taken advantage of our exclusive program!  Only problem, our homes don't last long!  So when you are ready to become a homeowner, don't wait, fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you and help you buy a home.

Please complete this form so that we may assist you in finding a nice home that meets your needs.  After you fill the form out, you will have access to our Preferred Home List and instant notification of our properties as they become available for sale.

Only One problem with our program: Since our homes go Fast, Don't Wait...

All information is kept under strict confidentiality. 
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