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Do you have bank CD’s, retirement IRA accounts, or other investments not returning 10% to 12% safely?

Many people, just like you are frustrated by low returns on your investment dollars. In response to that problem, we’ve created a solid program that can replace some of the low returns that you’re now receiving, and pay you a passive, predictable 10% to 12% interest from real estate notes and in some cases your investment can be completely tax-free unlike most other investments.

Our investment program invests in well-secured, extremely safe, low loan-to-value notes and deeds of trust. It’s a hands-free, hassle-free opportunity to enjoy very attractive, low risk returns. You can get monthly income or have your profits compounded monthly for exponential growth.

When we pay cash for a house, we usually include private investors' funds instead of bank loan funds.  Since we get a very high return on the cash we put into our properties, we in turn offer our private investors a high yield when we use their money to fund our new deals.

How to get over 365% higher returns on your idle cash, investments, or IRA retirement funds in 12 months or less.

Let’s look at a simple example of investing $20,000 for 12 months with compounded interest:


A bank CD note paying 3.42%* will grow to $20,695 in 12 months for a gain of $695.


A real estate note paying 12% will grow to $22,537 after 12 months for a gain of $2,537!

     That’s a 365% greater return!  


Now imagine if that investment was for 3 years, it would be a 400% greater return or a $6,457 difference!

* Bank CD note rate of 3.42%  as of 1/31/2006 - Wells Fargo Bank

How Our Investor Program Works:


Before you invest, we would first discuss how much and how long you would like to invest.  Based on your response, we can pair your investment strategy with our short or long term program.


We invest money at very high rates of return and deliver these returns back to our investors.  Typical return rates are 10 to 12% depending on terms explained below.

If we are paying all cash on a property, we will offer our investors a first deed of trust in the property. We can offer our investors a first note paying up to 10% APR.


Sometimes we purchase a home with an established mortgage.  In this case, we offer a second deed of trust in the property. We can offer our investors a second note paying up to 12% APR.


Money invested is guaranteed by:

A Deed of Trust recorded against the property


A Mortgage Promissory Note


Added on to the hazard insurance as the mortgagee


The term of the investment is decided by you:

Short Term: 6 to 9 months


Longer Term: 1 to 3+ years


We pay all costs involved to close the transaction. There is no cost to you as the investor.


Payments will come directly from us with two options:

Interest-only payments keep 100% of your principal working for you


Interest accrued can be compounded monthly for exponential growth

Additional Information

bulletIf you have funds in a retirement account (IRA), you can use them to invest. The IRS requires the use of an approved custodian to qualify for tax-deferred or tax-free gains. We will be glad to discuss with you how you can do this. We can explain and help you with the process.  Call us for details.
bulletMost of our private lenders currently include many of my family members, seasoned business contacts, and previous sellers from whom we have bought property. Only recently have we opened this to others visiting our website.

Would you like to have some of your idle cash or retirement funds working like that for you? Call us and we will get you more information or we can set up a meeting by phone or in person.

To ensure you are added to our private investor list, please call or submit this form.  Submitting this form will gain you access to our exclusive Investor website area containing more information about our program.  Your questions are always welcome.


All information is kept under strict confidentiality

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