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Earn $500 CA$H With Full Circle Real Estate!!!

We buy houses....and lots of them!  Help us find our next.

We’re always looking for houses to buy, and we would love to pay you to help us. We’ll pay you for each home that you give us information about if we actually purchase the house and close. We’ll pay a finders fee of $500 for each house that we buy and close. That’s right, it's that easy to earn CA$H!!  Simply fill out the information form at the bottom of this page.

4 Different Ways To Earn Easy CA$H

  1. Find Sellers: If you provide us with the address and phone number of any person you know looking to sell their home in the fastest, easiest and most convenient manner give us a call. If you tell us about a house and we buy it and close, you get paid $500 CA$H.

  2. Find Buyers: If you know of anyone who can benefit from our owner financed or rent to own houses, give us a call and provide us with the information. If the buyer you refer buys our home, you get paid $500 CA$H.

  3. Find Investors: If anybody you know may be interested in receiving up to 12% interest by investing in real estate notes guaranteed by a first lien position on real estate, give us a call. We can show them how to invest or redirect their existing investments and compensate you for referring them to us.  If you refer an investor and they invest with us, you get paid $500 CA$H.

  4. Drive Around: You'll be surprised all the potential homes you will find if you drive a different route everyday.  This is how most of our top refers earn their ca$h.

    Look for single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, and duplexes up to four-plexes that are :

    1. For sale by owner

    2. For rent by owner

    3. Vacant or the owner has bought another home and moved out

    4. Run-down

      When you find a home that fits into one of these categories, write down as much information as possible including the address and owner contact information if possible. It doesn’t matter what condition the house is in or how much it costs—we work with houses in any condition or price range. If you tell us about a house and we buy it and close, you get paid $500 CA$H.

Submit your information in the form at the bottom of the page or give us a phone call.

How do you know that we’ll pay?

As professional real estate investors, we need to buy houses, and every purchase we make is valuable to us. We want to make sure that you keep giving us information in the future, so you can be assured that we will pay. We want and need your help, and if we don’t pay you, you won’t help us, so we stand by our word.

If you provide us with as much information as you know, we will research your potential home lead as fast as possible and get you your CA$H.

   All information is kept under strict confidentiality
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Get extra CA$H!! in your pocket through the Full Circle Real Estate CA$H reward program!

Within one week of closing on a home purchase, we’ll hand deliver you your CA$H!!


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Get extra CA$H in your pocket  through the Full Circle Real Estate CA$H reward program!




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